le cupcake quotidien

le cupcake quotidien
photo Wanda Kujacz

dimanche 31 août 2014

Girly birthday cake

animal cakes

I saw these wonderful cakes in a pastry shop of Rome, they are made with ice cream.. all my "complimenti":)

La coppa Giacomo

Beh due parole sulla coppa giacomo della gelateria Chicco di Genova Nervi.. fragole fresche, gelato alla vaniglia e frullapé di fragole. Insomma si commenta da sola:) nel corso degli anni é sicuramente la coppa gelato che ho mangiato di piu!


yes it's me!

yes I did it. in some moments you just say "what i am doing here?" but is a great experience, 3 hours of total body workout on trees.. just a pleasure!

where to stay in Florence (in countryside)

can u see swimming pool?

Are you looking for a summer location close to Florence? I've been in Podere Vignola this summer and I can tell you that is the good place to be.. not far from city of Florence, in the countryside.. with swimming pool!

samedi 23 août 2014

Italian breakfast


cappuccino and brioche (empty, with pastry cream or jam)

prosciutto toscano, stracchino e coccoli

for a quick and good lunch in Florence go to "mammamia" restaurant and take a "prosciutto toscano, stracchino e coccoli".. toscano ham, stracchino creamy cheese and fried bread.. mmmm!!!


or.. ask him if he can give you some grass, but i'm not sure it'd be that yummy!


schiacciata toscana

schiacciata toscana is a sweet focaccia with special raisin from tuscany

best aperitivo in Florence

Best aperitivo in Florence is "on the road" at LA PROSCIUTTERIA, this place is so good. Super toscano red wine, toscano ham, cheese from tuscany with orange jam and honey, just perfect.

always super toscano red wine with a focaccia sandwich with truffled gorgonzola cheese and toscano ham!

"la prosciutteria team" at work!

beautiful Florence..