le cupcake quotidien

le cupcake quotidien
photo Wanda Kujacz

vendredi 11 décembre 2015

easy to do apple tarte (yummy!)

peel apples and put fresh lemon juice on it

fold phyllo dough and put it in moulds

put apples and caster sugar

.. and butter. Bake in preheated oven for 30 min

easy to do princess cake

If U want to make your princess cake at home you can and it can be easy too! just choose a cute image of a princess, make a color copy and cut it all around. Stick it to a wooden skewer. bake your favorite sponge cake into a conical mould (i used Wilton one) and let it cool. cover your sponge cake with pink sugar dough and decorate with small flowers. your princess is now ready to wear her beautiful dress!

mardi 8 décembre 2015

يا الله لتحضير المقروط

makrout tunisien.. merci à ma chère copine Tijania pour cet après-midi gourmand! (يا الله لتحضير  المقروط)

pate de dattes


the vert à la mente