le cupcake quotidien

le cupcake quotidien
photo Wanda Kujacz

jeudi 20 septembre 2012

Delicious cake

Yes it is trust me, and it’s elegant too. You can prepare it for a romantic dinner to conquer the heart of your beloved or for a minimal chic crazy party, in any case it will be a success!

If you are practical person and you don’t want to dream about magic dinners or unforgettable parties just think that you have all that meringa left and this is a good way to use it.. you could always eat your cake while watching a movie..

How to make your terrific cake come true:

Melt 200g dark chocolate with 2 tbsp milk. Beat 200g soft butter, 200g caster sugar and 4 egg yolks until smooth. Add melted chocolate and 2 tbsp rum, beat. Prepare your cake mould with parchment paper and make a floor of cream then a floor of meringa, floor of cream, floor of meringa.. and so on.
Freeezzze overnight.

Please note that this is a mamma’s recipe since 1978, all rights reserved

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