le cupcake quotidien

le cupcake quotidien
photo Wanda Kujacz

vendredi 3 mai 2013

L’isla bonita, scusate se sono stata svegliata da un gabbiano

sea spider, very good
Lately I’ve been woke up by a gull, it was a while that I didn’t have this perfect sensation of contact with nature.. I moved my bed near window and slept all night with open window, the sound of sea in my heart.. I’ve been missing it for too long!

view from window

If you love sea, flowers, calm and nature I suggest you to go to castel clara hotel in belle ile en mer, a perfect island in Bretagne, here weather is not always kind and sunny but you can fill your day with a lot of activities…

mom and warm sea water

First of all thalasso therapy, health and beauty treatment made with oceanic water and sea weeds.. water is directly taken from sea and heated for your total happiness!

salted butter

mousse au chocolat

la creperie

crepe with goat cheese and honey


Eating! Of course! Sea food is amazing, goat cheese, far breton, honey, salted butter.. and if you want to taste best crepes ever rent a bicycle and go to small village of Sauzon to taste crepes with honey and goat cheese of creperie la mere Michele… so good! Don’t forget apple juice or a glass of cidre with it


Reading and relaxing on terrace..

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