le cupcake quotidien

le cupcake quotidien
photo Wanda Kujacz

lundi 23 janvier 2012

Japanese tea time

matcha cake

I love Japanese food, the raw, the cooked, desserts, even seaweeds! Of course also “drinks” are very interesting.. green tea is so healthy and tasty that once that you try it you’d like to have one as often as you can.
japanese tea

anata wa Hitomi San desu

This afternoon I tried the Japanese café Nanashi with my friend Hitomi in the 10 arrondissement of Paris. I had a Genmaicha, the Japanese name for green tea combined with roasted brown rice, it was so good that I will buy very soon an entire box of it. We had some wonderful onigiri (just in case) a matcha cake with white chocolate, sesame and raspberry (I bought a second one for the evening) and a chocolate cake with candied yuzu (the Japanese lemon). Thanks Hitomi to make me discover another great Japanese place!


chocolate and yuzu cake

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