le cupcake quotidien

le cupcake quotidien
photo Wanda Kujacz

mardi 14 février 2012

how to come out in a great way from a tricky St Valentine’s day

Post of today is dedicated to those persons that «I don’t celebrate St valentine day because is a commercial event» to those couples who are not anymore in the phase «I don’t eat, I don’t sleep, I’m almost making goal to the final match of the world championship»,  because it’s too easy to speak to lovers in love who walk one meter from the ground, today I want to make it harder trying to convince those who take everything for granted that nothing is for granted and everything is a precious giftJ Its important to seize every opportunity to celebrate, smile and feel good no matter what it is. Frequently I hear words of disenchantment on the theme of Love, like “look how the world is going” or “everybody does like that” but you don’t have to care about what the others are doing or about cynic and sad reflections of the world. You, with your actions and your facts, you have the power to reverse trends, break negative spirals, plan and create positivism around you. I’m not talking about doing this just for one day, but about the need to develop an attitude finalized to live better. I could write entire days my thoughts on this topic, but this is not a poetry blog and I don’t want to bore you, so I will limit myself to some nice advices to put in practice immediately, which I could summarize in “how to come out in a great way from a tricky St Valentine’s day”J

-          It counts the thought. Its truth but there must be a thought. Note for Messieurs: Ladies love flowers, just one flower will make your beloved happy if fresh, scented and offered with a smile. We are able to pass 20 times in front of the roses bouquet offered by our beloved and smell it every time, smile and think “how lovely!”, we are like that. Note for Mesdames: just be beautiful and organize a candlelight dinner, light, or your Romeo will fall asleep before tasting the chocolate cupcake!

-          Try to substitute half of daily blames with praises

-          Never stop talking, remember that “we don’t have nothing to say to each others anymore” it’s a nonsense

-          Don’t lose visual and physical contact, a look, a kiss or hold the hand tight

-          Don’t be afraid doing the first step.. the only risk you take is to give a smile!

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